DRESSES ALTERATION: We have fantastic tailors who can make any changes you want to your garments. You can entrust us with your priceless dress alterations; we can make everything from a tiny thread to big modifications. We can also accomplish it with whatever fabric and bead you desire. You can bring a fancy, beaded gown to Alteration At Home for repairs if it doesn’t quite fit in some places.
We can not only mend a dress that doesn’t fit you, but we can also help you choose a new one.

Alteration Green Dress With Ruffles


You can also be restyling a dress to make it into a completely another look by applying your fashion sense. We’ve worked with a variety of textiles, including lace and other difficult-to-alter textiles. We want to make sure you get a comfortable, gorgeous result that you adore and that makes you feel fantastic and confident.
We enjoy making you feel special.


Why should you choose us?
We are dedicated to helping you feel as at ease with a tailor as possible. We want you to form a bond with our tailor so that you feel comfortable and confident in speaking up if something isn’t to your liking. After all, it is your dress. When people rock an outfit, we love to see them happy and confident. Change At Home provides you with peace of mind.

Two Piece Dress Alteration

While any tailor can do this alteration. Only a skilled tailor can do it
without showing visible stitching on Your Dresses. This may not be your concern, and if so, you can safely ignore this caveat.

Light Green Satin Evening Dresses
DRESSES ALTERATION Professional Tailors, Friendly Experts

We also do alterations on wedding dresses and gowns. Our tailors can either alter a wedding gown that you bring to us or we can make you a personalized wedding dress from scratch. Alteration At Home also does alterations on prom dresses for students and young girls in high school. Similar to the wedding gowns; we can make you a personalized prom dress from scratch or we can alteration the prom dress that you bought.


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