Get an Appointment: Made-to-measure suits, tailored shirts, and wedding gowns for men and women. I am repairing a leather jacket. Services that are both affordable and available on the same day.

$20 When You Cancel Your Schedule

We at Alteration At Home are committed to ensuring that the bride feels completely relaxed and stress-free. As a result, we can at least rest easy knowing that we won’t be able to find the perfect wedding gown. Furthermore, we want each wedding gown to be custom-made to suit you and your body ideally. Our primary focus on your wedding day is to make you feel attractive and confident.

Alteration jacket at Home

Business Values

At Home

Book your Schedule to be at your home so you can be the most comfortable. 

Your Office

If you happen to be too busy to stop by your house for a quick appointment, you can always have the Schedule t at your office.

Your Business

We can even come to your business place if that is where you feel the most comfortable. 

Any Place You Want

You may make your appointment at any time and from any location, and we can even come to you.

-We provide a 100% guarantee of the quality of our work.
-We are skilled communicators that pay great attention to your needs.
-always check with you if something is unclear, and we never assume we know what you want.
-Every garment is subjected to a stringent quality control procedure.
-All basic clothing adjustments and repairs, bespoke stitching, and even wholly redesigning a dress or suit from head to toe are all areas of competence for us.
-If a problem occurs, we do not argue about it; instead, we resolve it.


Bridesmaid Alteration: 
Appointments should be scheduled four to eight weeks prior to the wedding. Furthermore, the sooner you reserve a date, the sooner I can complete it for you. Only book if you have all of your clothes, shoes, and underwear. There is a $75 rush charge for rush orders.

Mother’s dress alterations: should be made about four weeks or more before the Wedding. The sooner you get your dress and date, the sooner I will have it done for you. Book ONLY when you have your clothing, shoes, and undergarments. Rush orders available.

Necessary Clothing Alteration: Anything that isn’t a wedding or a formal event. Hemming, pants or dresses, mending, and so forth are examples. I can also help with draperies, leather, fur, and zipper replacement.

Prom & Formal: Would you mind allowing 2-4 weeks for dress changes before your Prom or dance? In addition, there is a $75 Rush Booking charge if the reservation is needed within two weeks. If you cancel or fail to show up for your appointment, you will not be reimbursed.

Alteration at house is a web and smartphone app that aims to deliver professional tailoring to your Home with a single click. Alteration At Home is a hassle-free and on-demand tailor network. You first log on to your computer, then visit our website. You’ll be asked to choose a day when you’d want a tailor to come to your house or workplace. In addition, having a tailor visit to your Home is free of charge. We also hope that this cutting-edge website will be used by everyone, from their parents to their millennials. The price system is similar to what you’d find in any store or dry cleaner across the United States.


Alteration at home aspires to make you look the best version of yourself regardless of your age. We aim to make you completely comfortable during the entire process, from the first meet to the drop-off. In addition, we offer the best services with excellent results.

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