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Sexy Jeans alteration for Women's High Waist

Jeans skirt alteration or denim skirts are great ways to save money and get a custom fit. With some basic sewing skills and supplies, you can easily tailor your jeans skirt to fit your body just right. This article will walk you through the process, from assessing the current fit to making the alterations. You’ll learn to take in the waist, adjust the hip area, shorten or lengthen, and taper the legs. With the right approach, you can alter your jeans skirt at home for a flattering, personalized look and fit. Read on to transform your jeans skirt into one tailored to you.

What a Tailor Can Do for Jeans Skirt Alteration

sexy jeans Skirt Alteration

Take In the Waist

Taking in the waist of your jeans skirt is one of the most common alterations. If the waistband is too loose, your skirt will constantly ride down and feel uncomfortable.

It would be best if you created darts or pleats at the side seams to take in the waist. This reduces the overall width of the waistband so it fits snugly on your body.

Start by trying on the skirt and pinching any excess fabric at the sides of the waistband. Mark where you are lifting the fabric with chalk. This is where your new darts or pleats will be placed.

Unbutton and remove the skirt. At the marked points, measure 1-2 inches toward the center front and back of the skirt, depending on how much you need to take in the waist. Mark these new points.

Fold the fabric between the chalk marks for a dart, matching the folded edge to the original seam. Pin the dart in place. Fold the fabric so the outer edge meets the new chalk marking for a pleat.

Stitch down the newly formed darts or pleats. Try on the skirt again to ensure the waist fits smoothly with no gaps. Make any adjustments needed.

Taking in the waist is a quick alteration that makes a big difference in the fit of your jeans skirt. Well-placed darts and pleats will help the waistband hug your body just right.

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Adjust the Hips

The hip area is another common problem area when altering jeans. If the skirt is too tight in the hips, you’ll need to let out the side seams. If it’s too loose, take in the side seams.

To adjust the hips, first try on the skirt inside out. Pinch any excess fabric at the side seams and mark them with pins. Do this on both sides.

Fold the side seams toward the center for a narrower fit, pinning along the hip curve. Open up the side seams and pin with more width for a wider fit.

Once pinned, take the skirt off and lay it flat. Measure the new hip width and mark it with chalk.

Unpick the side seams down to the marked chalk lines. Sew the new side seams with a 5/8″ seam allowance.

Try the skirt on again and check the fit at the hips. Make any additional adjustments needed. Let out the seams further for a looser fit, or take them in more for a sleeker silhouette.

Once the hips fit smoothly, finish the raw edges of the seam allowances with a zig-zag stitch or overlock stitch. Hem the bottom edge to complete your customized jeans skirt!

Shorten or Lengthen

The length of your jeans skirt is essential for achieving the perfect fit. If your skirt is too long, it can get in the way and restrict your movement. On the other hand, a skirt that is too short may make you feel uncomfortable. The good news is that adjusting the length of a jeans skirt is a relatively easy alteration!

To shorten your skirt, you must create a new hem by folding the bottom edge to your desired length and pressing it with an iron. Pin the folded edge in place. Then, sew along the pinned edge using a straight stitch, backstitching at the start and end. Trim off any excess fabric above your stitching line.

If you need to lengthen your skirt, detach the existing hem. Carefully unpick the hem stitches using a seam ripper, taking care not to damage the fabric. Once the hem is opened up, you can press down the bottom edge to your new desired length. Pin the hem in place and sew a new straight stitch 1/4 inch from the folded edge.

When hemming or letting down a hem, try on the skirt and double-check that the new length is just right. You want the hem to fall at the most flattering spot for your height and body shape. A final hem press will help it lay smoothly and finish the alteration nicely.

Taper the Legs

The shape of the leg opening can dramatically change the look and fit of your jeans skirt. For a sleek silhouette, tapering the legs is often desirable.

Start by trying on the jeans skirt inside out. Pin the side seams above the knee to taper in towards the hem. Pin a subtle taper 1-2 inches in from the original stitching. For a more dramatic taper, pin 3-4 inches in. Make sure to taper both legs evenly.

Once pinned, carefully remove the skirt while keeping the pins in place. Lay the skirt flat and sew along the new pinned line, sewing from the bottom hem upwards. Remove the excess original seam above the newly sewn tapered seam.

Try on the skirt again to ensure the tapered leg shape achieves the desired fit. Make any adjustments needed. Hem the new tapered side seams for a clean finished edge.

Tapering the legs is an easy way to update the style of a jeans skirt. The slimmer leg silhouette creates a more flattering, modern look. Enjoy the customized fit!