JUMPER & BLOUSE: Alteration At Home has tailors with an abundance of expertise to alter your jumpsuits to suit you just the way that you like and find perfect. Jumpsuits can be worn in many different ways, they can be worn as an alternative to a classy black little dress, or they could even be worn as a casual piece.


JUMPER & BLOUSE: Whether you want your jumpsuit to have beads or sequins or any other enhancement, we definitely have that opportunity open for you. Our tailors can do a simple hem shortening or they can even take in the waist and alter the neckline; they can do anything you want to your jumpsuit. In addition to altering your jumpsuit, we can completely restyle your jumpsuit in ways where you won’t be able to tell it was your original jumpsuit.


Our tailors understand fashion and how to recontrust a garment, they are experienced dressmakers and have your best interest at heart. We can assure you that your jumpsuit will perfectly suit you, no matter what type of style your jumpsuit may have. It may be an elegant wide-cut, or anything, either way: we can make you look flawless and perfect. We have an endless imagination and keen attenion to detail allowing us to make the most complex alterations and restyling on all types of jumpsuits you may have from all types of fabrics with an embellishment of your choice. We have an endless amount of things that we can do to your jumpsuits to make them suit you better, these are just a few of the things Alteration at Home can do.

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JUMPER & BLOUSE: There are a number of alterations that can be done if you do not like the fit of you blouse or how it looks on you. If it is too tight: we can increase the size. If it is too loose: we can reduce the size. We are quick and effectitive. Blouse sleeves can be shortened and tapered to your liking and to your perfection. There are ways to narrow your blouse at the waist, adding darts to body would be one. We can also alter the hips and a little of the chest, depending on certain circumstances. We can remove any extra fabric that can be annoying and look bad when worn. Alteration At Home has tailors that can do work on materails that manty others may find to be difficult and dangerous to alter. They have experience working on lace, sequin, beads, and so much more. Our tailors pay close attention to ensure that the end result is a blouse that compliments you and your figure without looking or feeling uncomfortable.

To guarantee that your dress is altered to perfection and the work is performed to the highest possible standard we ensure that only highly experienced and qualified seamstresses work on it. As our seamstresses are qualified in all aspects of tailoring you can trust us with any type of dress alterations and restyling.

Dress Alterations we research to ensure our rates are moderate. Our Fair and Reasonable Price policy means that our customers receive the best possible service and outstanding quality workmanship, without having to pay premium prices.


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