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LEATHER JACKET ALTERATION: You can rock a leather jacket throughout a lifetime – if it fits. When you’ve found the perfect coat that makes you feel like a superstar every time you put it on, you never want it to lose. This certainly I do not know what. Maybe you’ve inherited a leather coat that looked wonderful on someone else, but on you, the sleeves are too long or short. Clothing alterations envelop a kaleidoscope of tailoring possibilities. However, when it comes to leather jacket alteration, altering is typically about making modest fit and style adjustments.


LEATHER JACKET ALTERATION: For fashion, a superb tailor is your best friend. If you have impressive sewing talent, you can tackle lengthening or shortening sleeves yourself; otherwise, find a reputable tailor to alter the sleeves of a leather coat. Find and add longer matching sleeve replacements; start by removing the jacket’s sleeves from the shoulders. Shorten long sleeves to the wrist or a trendy three-quarters length by slitting the coat’s lining open and marking the measurement with masking tape. A seam ripper, a sturdy pair of scissors, and a leather needle come in handy for this delicate project – be sure to measure your arms accurately.

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Great Leather: Can You Alter a Leather Coat to be a Smaller Size?


Alteration at home: take on all your leather mending projects. We can restore leather skirts, vests, blazers, belts, handbags, and coats to an earlier beauty.

Leather restoration is genuinely an art accomplished on your behalf at Alteration At Home. Consider including your favorite worn leather items in your current wardrobe because our staff will give them a fresh look.

 You will be amazed at how good the leather will look after we are done!. Remember when you are looking for the best in leather restoration service, alteration at home is the place in LA.

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