Suit Pants Alteration: much like suit jackets, achieve an ideal fit by balancing a few different parts of the garment. When you’re buying suit pants, make sure first and foremost that the Crotch (or rise) fit best, as this will be the hardest alteration to do



Although an easy alteration, there is a threshold as to how much the Waist. It can be opened depending on fabric allowance in the Waist, and the area where it adjoins the center seam in the back of the hips.
The limit here is typically around 1.00 – 1.50 inches in either direction.
After this margin, even if you have extra fabric allowance, you may run into complications with the positioning of your back pockets.

PANTS ALTERATION: At alteration at home, we know that a tear in your favorite jeans or rip in your new jacket can be awful. You may think that it could be easy to stitch it up yourself as opposed to going to a tailor. But you may find that’s it’s easier said than done to do. That’s why you should bring your garments to us to help you, even if to you it’s not a small tear. We want you to feel good when you wear your clothes, we are here to help. Ruining an expensive clothing item can be very frustrating.


It can be hard trusting, someone, you’ve never met before with such garments. But at alteration at home, we have responsible and trustworthy, experienced tailors who know how to fix your clothes. Don’t ruin your expensive clothing by trying to repair something, leave it up to us to help you while you put your time and energy into more important things.


While any tailor can do this alteration. Only a skilled tailor can do it
without showing visible stitching on the outside of the pant legs. This may not be your concern, and if so, you can safely ignore this caveat.

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Lengthening or shortening: This alteration involves either lengthening or shortening the hem of both pant legs. During this process, your tailor can create a pants cuff if that is more your style. We typically forgo cuffs for a more modern look (and streamlined to make your legs look longer). However, we acknowledge that they’re a classic feature and are always “making a come back.”

If you do ask your tailor to create cuffs, get cuffs with a height of 1.50 inches.
If you’re below 5 foot 10 inches tall, and a height of 1.75 inches if you’re taller, that way, the width of your pant cuff will be proportional to your body. This can sometimes be considered a moderate level alteration. The reason for this has to do with your expectations.


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